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MetaDesign specializes in taking an idea or a technology and building a product around it. MetaDEsign can conceptualize a product around an idea, build prototypes to validate it, develop specifications of the product, architect, design and maintaining it throughout it's life cycle.
MetaDesign has experience in Mobile, Internet, Payment protocol, Networking and ICR/OCR technologies. It has done significant work in Business Intelligence, Telecom, and Banking payments domain.

Product Realization

MetaDesign uses design thinking, lean, and agile methodologies to quickly develop what the customer needs, when she needs it. The customer is embedded very deeply in development, and "pulls" the software from the development team. Quick prototyping, Frequent releases, automated testing etc ensure that the product is developed quickly and cost effectively. Expertise in various platforms and technologies are used to suggest the best platform and best technology for a need.

MetaDesign partners with other companies for specialized skills such as UI design.


At MetaDesign, we are not proponents of specific platforms or technologies. Our architecture driven approach makes it possible for us to recommend an appropriate platform depending upon the product requirements. The lightest piece of software that can fulfill the requirements, and do it most elegantly is suggested as the development platform.

We have developed applications using App Servers and Web Servers (JBoss, Tomcat), JMS, .NET, C/C++, Cocoa and Objective C (on iPhone), and perl.

Other technologies and tools include Eclipse RCP, Symbian platform and simulators, JTAPI, Swing, IIS, ASP.NET,C#, Sql Server Analysis Services, and SSIS.

Some products require different platforms on server and front end to work best. One of our products had SQL server for storing data, Sql Server Analysis Services for slicing and dicing it, SSIS to import data, and NetDiagram (A Java applet based visualisation solution) for displaying pictorial data on the browser.

An open source property grid solution controls/ xacc_propertygrid.aspx was customised to show a property grid kind of interface for selecting options.

We have done considerable amount of work in open source technologies. We are adept at identifying the right open source technology, understand and customize it as per product requirements.

Web based applications require high throughput and low latency. Development can be faster if code changes can be made and tested on the fly, instead of going through a compile,test, and deploy cycle. For such applications, a Web 2.0 approach with mysql, php, and smarty templates in the backend, and jquery, javascript, css and flash in the front end is recommended. MetaDesign maintains such a product which is hosted on the internet, and allows multiple tenants and customers to operate out of a single web application.

on the other hand, Microsoft has powerful capabilities for developing and deploying web applications. ASP.NET, Azure, and WCF in the backend along with Silverlight in the frontend paired with powerful development environments such as Expression Blend, and Visual Studio 2010 help in quickly developing and deploying quick and responsive Web 2.0 applications. Metadesign is developing an early version of a Social CRM product that helps companies develop trusted communities of Users integrated with social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Due to our very interesting work portfolio, and the way in which work is done, MetaDesign has been able to attract and retain very talented individuals. Our development teams have well balanced composition-people with experience of over ten years and those with around three to four years of experience work together.