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Banking & Financial Services

Document Digitization, archival and retrieval Systems:
MetaDesign works in the area of solutions and services for collection, digitization, analysis, management and archiving of unstructured and structured information.
MetaDesign operates an Offshore Development Center for a specialist company in Intelligent document processing.

Its flagship product helps banks and financial institutions process large amounts of forms,checks, and documents faster. Instead of just software, this is a complete solution with different types of scanners, multiple hardware and operating systems, and interfaces to many different core banking systems.

It is highly scalable and can handle millions of documents in a single day. Due to intelligent selection of various recognition algorithms, and a huge number of proprietary business rules, straight through rate is very high and so is the accuracy level.

MetaDesign team members collaborated with existing team members of the client to understand the domain, the software and the complex underlying framework used to develop it. This required a deep understanding of swiss payments and technologies such as C/C++, Unix, shell scripts, perl, and informix Telecom

MetaDesign has developed several products for it's clients in the telecom sector. It has expertise in areas such as Telecom mediation, SMS based services, modems, and mobile applications such as iPhone apps.

Application Server for VAS (Value Added Services):
The Client was an operator who provided SMS based services for high throughput, low latency services such as weather updates, cricket scores, government records etc. These services need to be available over SMS, Email, web etc via push and pull mechanisms. The services needed to be scalable, capable of handling sudden peak demands, highly available, and run on different operating systems. MetaDesign achieved this by means of a routing architecture implemented using a message bus. It also provided services for authenticating, billing, and monitoring itself.

TeleRecorder (For recording telephone conversations):
A product for recording telephone conversations and a facility to listen to, and organize such conversations. It can be used in memos, keeping minutes of meetings, getting audio requests etc.

The Lite version was a single user application and worked with the help of a voice modem. AT commands were used to intercept phone calls, play messages when recording was initiated, and to start and stop recordings. JMF was used to play media, annotate recordings etc.

The Enterprise version had a client server architecture. It used Dialogic cards for recording up to 8 conversations simultaneously. It used JTAPI over TAPI to record calls. MINA, a lightweight network framework was used to communicate between client and server. An open source email client was customised to provide the UI for organizing conversations.

Iphone Development

Payment gateway module for iphone
This is developed for a Canadian company with expertise in payment terminals. The mandate was to develop a payment module that allows other software to make payments via various credit cards, debit cards, and netbanking. It used a card reader to read magnetic stripe data from cards, and used a web service interface to perform authentication, authorization, reversal, and void of transactions. Receipts were generated and emailed to the system. RemindmeonGo, a location based reminder
Always wanted to pick up that book when you were passing by that bookstore? Need to pick clothes from the laundry or get milk on your way to home? While travelling, do you want to be woken up near your destination?RemindOnGo reminds you about all these and a lot more you tend to forget!It reminds you politely when the phone is in a range of less than a mile from your desired location.

Beads, an iPrayer application
This software allows user to use the tactile facility of iPhone to chant using beads. Christian rosaries, budhist and hindu chants, and muslim prayers are provided.

Business Consulting

Business Intelligence:
MetaDesign has developed a business intelligence product for a business consulting group. This product helps businesses spot opportunities in the market on the one hand, and optimize the supply chain and operations on the other. Most business intelligence tools provide features to slice and dice and to drill down deep to identify trends. OLAP queries are used to calculate summaries and gather trends, from very large amounts of data. However, none of these products suggest or recommend what questions to ask the database. Linking sales to operations (and generally connect the data in different silos) is up to the user. The product developed by MetaDesign maps business data streams from procurement to markets as inputs are transformed through different stages to revenue generating activities. It captures the transformation of the products or services and connects different cost centers and departments as inputs are converted to its final saleable form.

It has a color coded UI to quickly spot sales opportunities as well as process optimization opportunities.