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Working with MetaDesign

MetaDesign stands out amongst software companies as a company that provides exciting product development experience. MetaDesign straddles the entire product creation process and therefore it is a great place to learn and hone one's technology and process skills. Product development everywhere is plagued by massive time and money overruns, incomplete projects, dissatisfied clients, and frustrated programmers.

MetaDesign is in the business of outsourced software product development.
It infuses product development with design thinking and lean methodologies making it a satisfactory and successful experience for customers, companies, and ultimately the people who make it happen - the programmers. To know more about our work read about the industries in which we work and about our expertise.

MetaDesign values the people who make it possible, and aims to provide a fulfilling experience to the people who, by their efforts build our company. Good working practices, challenging yet achievable targets provide work satisfaction and a good work life balance. Flexibility in terms of working from home or office, telecommuting, and flexible work hours ensure that the creative spirit is alive. A very friendly atmosphere and opportunities for fun and pleasure abound. MetaDesign has clients in Canada, USA, Germany, Ireland and India with opportunities for travel in and outside India.

At MetaDesign, our compensation practices are comparable to the top companies in India.

MetaDesign, is an employee driven company. Many of our policies are created and improved based on employees' requests.

MetaDesign provides a stimulating, challenging, yet congenial work environment to people who make the above possible. If you think you will be happier in such a workplace click here.