"If I have seen further than others, it is by standing
upon the shoulders of giants"
Isaac Newton
We are seasoned programmers, interested in the science as well as the craft of programming.

CK Pradeep, the founder of MetaDesign software is a seasoned programmer with over 2 decades of experience. Initially working in tools development, middleware, and telecom protocols, he later moved on to customer facing products. His expertise lies in architecting cloud based multi tenant SaaS solutions with web and mobile frontends using the Reactive nodejs and ReactJS ecosystem. He founded MetaDesign because he believes that software can be developed better by using design thinking to understand the problem better, insisting on using better design and rigorous engineering to make software more robust, and in building an ethical workplace where software craftsmen can find joy and meaning.


Nirmalya Sengupta

Nirmalya has spent about 20+ years in the area of software technology and applications, in roles
that range from Software Engineer to Engineering Operations Lead and from Senior Technical
Staff to Pre­Sales participant. A technologist at heart, and a hands-­on programmer all along, he
has worked closely with CTOs, Engineering VPs and Customer Support Heads in many of these
roles. In the recent past (3­4 years), he has been focusing on areas of application which depend on Server ­side stack bearing ‘reduced latency/high throughput’ characteristics.




B.Tech (1995),  IIT Kharagpur, India.
M.Sc (1999), Information Systems Engg., University of Reading, UK.

He is a very well known project management expert with wide exposure of software development for multiple systems, in various countries and platforms. He likes to see that work flows smoothly and generate business outcomes. Srinivas has been a process consultant/coach and trainer for several companies including Algorhythm, Cisco, Nokia, PTC, Oracle, Scope, Yahoo! as well as Zensar. He enables teams to deliver with high quality with improved productivity so your money is spent well


Rohit Bhalunkar is a Consultant in B2B Sales, Marketing Strategies, Tactical Planning for Lead Generation and B2B Strategic Account Management. He has an experience of 20 years in executing software projects. He likes to build Tools & Platforms for Customer Acquisition and Customer Engagement. He is also known for growing existing business through Strategic Account Management.