Our Work
AUTOMATION for VARs - NEW product development

FutureVAr is a complete automation system for VARS - it has an ecommerce storefront, customizable catalog, Rich content crawler, Sales Quoting, Integration with Distributor systems, Asset Tracking etc.

Developed in HapiJS and ReactJS

DATA CENTER ASSET TRACKING - product new product development

HPM Smart is an asset tracking and spares system built completely from the ground up to track servers and spares of a Data center, manage warranties, and also integrate with manufacturer websites to seamlessly integrate returns.

This was used by Facebook, Twitter, and Criteo

Developed in LAMP stack, nodejs, ExtJS

ERP System for almond manufacturers - new product development

Nutware is an ERP system built completely from the ground up to facilitate the unique process or Al mond manufacturers in California. It completely automates the grower side operations, factory operations, the financial op

Developed in LAMP stack, nodejs, ExtJS

Health Care product - new product Development

IndiaOnlineHealth is a cloud based Platform for Consumers, Doctors and other healthcare Service Providers, to come together and bring healthcare to consumer's doorstep. Doctors, Consumers, Diagnostic Labs, and Chemists can register on the portal. Doctors can set up their schedules. Patients can take appointments, and consult doctors online over video conference. Patients can order tests and medicines and get these delivered home.

Technologies used are LAMP, XMPP, Flash. Team size was 6 people (1 Business Analyst, 1 architect, 3 developers, one QA), and is continuing for the last one year.

Telecom Product - new product development

CriticalTouch ASP is a framework that is used to develop and deploy a lot of mobile applications (like ring tone downloads, astrology forecasts, chat etc) quickly. The framework abstracts all the wireless, scalability, and reliability issues into it, allowing the applications to be built as small business objects very rapidly.

CriticalTouch provides facilities to receive requests through SMS, web, and email; route these to one or more applications; and return the results to the user through SMS, web, or email. It provides access control mechanisms and comprehensive real time billing capability.

Telecomm operators can use it to deploy mobile content. Developers can use it to create mobile content. Corporations can use it to mobile-enable their existing applications.

Criticaltouch is developed using J2EE, JMS, and JDBC technologies.

Technologies used are Java, Struts, JMS, JMX. Team size was 4 people (1 Business Analyst, 1 architect, 3 developers including architect), and was developed in 8 months.

Business Intelligence for Manufacturing - product new product development

Business Analyzing tools takes data from a transaction based system, and processes and presents intelligence by way of a product tree that shows the material flow from Raw Materials to Finished Goods. With a built-in intelligence, any changes in the demand trend of Finished Goods results in exercising full control on the entire cycle from RM to FG in terms of material planning & scheduling, inventory control, cycle time response and cost leverage to sustain or improve margins.

Technologies used are .NET, Java, SQL Server Integration Services, SQL Server Analysis services, OLAP. Team size was 5 (including a Business Analyst, architect, and 4 developers including the architect), and was developed over a period of 2 years.

OCR For Banking Payments - Application Maintenance

This is a product that captures information in paper documents via Optical Character Recognition. It is a high throughput, highly scalable framework which consists of modules for text recognition (structured and unstructured), form definition and classification, image processing and manipulation, correction, verification, balancing etc. Metadesign maintains some parts of this product.

Technologies used are C, Panther, shell scripts, Java, Perl.