We are primarily server side programmers with expertise in large scale projects – be it Software development tools, Distributed software frameworks, Telecom and mediation software or Business intelligence.
Over the years, we have been the trusted offshore product development partner for many startups and mid sized software product companies, and have built software products from scratch.
We have built over 10 software products for startups all over the world. Best in class UI, and APIs have been designed and implemented by us. Often we take a core technology developed in a university, or an idea, and build a product around it.
We work in cloud, mobile apps, big data and analytics. We are now getting into predictive analytics, machine learning and AI.
We have been associated with the leaders of the Agile movement, and have expertise implementing agile practices in MetaDesign as well as other companies.
We have expertise in Design and architectural interventions – taking a flawed product and breathing life back into it.
We conduct high end training in Scrum, clean code, and clean design inspired by Uncle Bob.
We conduct training in Java, and concurrency.