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Metadesign works with startups and midsize product development companies. It uses design thinking and rigorouse software development principles to build world class products Working in Metadesign requires very strong grounding in computer science, ability to put in hours of concentrated work, and continuous learning. Every programmer is also a tester, a business analyst, a communicator, and sometimes a good UI programmer too!

We requite people who realise the importance of extremely good communication skills (listening being the most important), a desire to keep on learning, collaborate with others, and humility over all else. You will get opportunities for learning more and more - not always newer technologies, because sometimes the older ways are better. You get to work with people with over 3 decades of programming experience. You get to work with the best in technologies, time and backing to explore new technologies. We also work in big data, iOT, AI, and Predictive Analytics. Metadesign can help you take up online courses from MOOCs like Coursera, EdX etc. We are part of the startup and technological community - and help you interact with others too! If you are interested or involved in open source efforts, we would love to speak with you!

Flexibility in terms of working from home or office, telecommuting, and flexible work hours ensure that the creative spirit is alive. A very friendly atmosphere and opportunities for fun and pleasure abound. MetaDesign has clients in Canada, USA, Germany, Ireland and India with opportunities for travel in and outside India. MetaDesign, is an employee driven company. Many of our policies are created and improved based on employees' requests. If you are interested in working with us, do write to