Technical Stories

Software development brings forth images of an endless sequence of sprints, with requirements, design, coding, testing and releases.

But in the middle of these are the stories. There are of course, the human stories - of the different pecaddilos that each programmer brings ( one senior programmer would write very detailed pseudo-code before he started programming, but had a habit of eating whatever paper was around when he was deep into coding, so that by the time the code was complete, the pseudo-code was gone...), but as interesting are the frequent technical challenges that we come across, the nights that are spent debugging some arcane concurrency issue that comes only once a year, or some very cool solutions that once creates once in a while.

Like the time we had to point an aws lambda function to a dummy host for testing (there is no /etc/hosts to redirect it simply), or the tunnel we setup to access mongodb, the crawler we wrote inside a nodejs program, debugging DCOM errors in 2021, accessing the internet from a private lambda, the beauty of RxJs, listing out the parematers of an EMV card, the list goes on....

Here are a few interesting technical ones. Most of the time we are so busy tackling new problems that we do not get the time to note down the cool things we have done...

Deploying web applications on the cloud with github and heroku

Post by : admin | Post on : December 5, 2017 at 11:05 am

Introduction and Background Do today’s web applications truly exploit the facilities provided by the cloud? Not many do. Even though increasingly, web applications are being deployed on the cloud, t...

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Handling massive XML files with perl and shell scripts

Post by : admin | Post on : December 5, 2017 at 11:06 am

Recently, we were faced with an interesting problem. Our capture system uses master data from host systems for validation. Master data changes infrequently, but change it does, and so it is imported f...

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PDF file formats and CMAPs

Post by : admin | Post on : December 5, 2017 at 11:06 am

These days, with everything coding related getting simplified, abstracted, and dummified, there are APIs for everything, and they are just a google search away. But sometimes, one has to delve into th...

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